Transfigurations: Curatorial and Artistic Research in an Age of Migrations, published by the Royal College of Art.
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Ends Meet, CWAD at RCA, Jonas Berthod and Andrew Brash

Ends Meet, published by Critical Writing in Art and Design students at the Royal College of Art. With Andrew Brash.

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Truth or Dare by Keren Goldberg, designed by Jonas Berthod

‘Truth or Dare’, for Keren Goldberg

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Poster for an event by Curating Contemporary Art students at the Royal College of Art by Jonas Berthod

Poster / programme for the Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art.

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Cover of Arc Magazine featuring illustrations by Jonas Ber

I made a series of typography illustrations for Arc n°18, to go with José da Silva’s article on the importance of using the correct accents.

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I wrote an article about what it means to do research within design, for Swiss graphic design magazine IDPURE n°34. (English translation not mine)
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Jonas Berthod, Andrew Brash, Kyuha Shim

Identity for the Work in Progress Show, School of Communication, Royal College of Art. With Andrew Brash, Kyuha Shim. Details »

Beamer by Jonas Berthod

I’m currently a visiting lecturer at ECAL. My students and I are exploring critical history of graphic design together.