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  • The Hum, Amy Croft. Design by Jonas Berthod

    Poster in collaboration with artist Amy Croft for her series The Hum

  • jonas_berthod_typojanchi_web

    Typojanchi Biennale 2015, Seoul

  • Series of posters/identity for Red Tape at the Royal College of Art, a forum for design & politics I co-organised.

  • Posters for the Critical and Historical Studies symposia at the Royal College of Art. We envisaged the posters like satellites of the conference, using them to touch on topics which may or may not be discussed during the seminars. With Andrew Brash.

  • Part of a series of banners about the housing an social problems in London.

    The Brick, a self initiated project about social and housing issues in London.

  • I was invited by Dunja Stanic Girod / Rock This Town to make a poster for a concert of Blue Angel Lounge in Geneva.

  • Series of posters for AcrossRCA lectures at the Royal College of Art.

  • Poster / programme for the Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art.

  • Poster for a conference by Ann Pettifor. With Andrew Brash.

  • Letterpress and laser printed poster. Series of 10 posters with random beam drops.

  • Visual identity, signage system and exhibition leaflets for the State of Valais Art Museum.    

  • With Louisa Gagliardi