Hello there. I’m a designer, researcher and lecturer most interested in the expanded definition of what ‘design’ means. I envision my role as a mediator between knowledge, research, practice, editing and writing. I work between London and Switzerland.

Reader, I’m always happy to hear from you. My best work emerges from collaborations or provocations; so please do contact me if you’d like to discuss a project, undertake a collaboration, develop a curricula, experiment with teaching or research, or even just say hello.




Education — I graduated from ECAL (BA cum laude 2012) and the Royal College of Art (MA magna cum laude 2015). I am currently a PhD candidate in design history at the GSA and work as a research assistant at the HKB for the Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited (SGDTR) research project.

Teaching — I am a lecturer at ECAL where I teach two classes: ‘Critical History of Graphic Design’ to first year BA students (since 2012) and ‘Design/Research’ to second year BA students (since 2016). I am a visiting lecturer at the RCA where I teach Research/Design/Publish (RDP) with Joe Pochodzaj and Laura Gordon. I am also a visiting lecturer at Kingston School of Art.

I have either taught, given workshops, talks or guest critiques at Bern University of the Arts, Bristol University, ECAL, EPFL+ECAL Lab, Kingston University, Parallel School Lausanne, Royal College of Art, SUPSI (Lugano) and Usine Kügler (Geneva).

Research and writing — Research is an integral part of my practice – through design, writing, talks and workshops. I have written semi-serious articles for electoaesthetics, IDPURE and Progetto Grafico. I have also written more serious articles in peer-reviewed publications – contact me if you’d like a bibliography.

Design — I have worked as a designer for the Architectural Association, Atelier Dyakova, Cameron Mackintosh, COS, Idea is Everything, John Morgan studio, Jonathan Hares, Hauser & Wirth, and Studio Veronica Ditting. My studio clients include artists such as Amy Croft, the Demystification Committee, The Walking Reading Group and institutions such as ECAL, MACBA, Musées Cantonaux du Valais, and RCA.