In the context of the workshop I gave at SUPSI, I gave a short talk called One Good Thing Leads to Another.

An edited excerpt was published online on SUPSI’s magazine, Artichoke. You can hear me give incredibly good advice on graphic design, such as ‘Sometimes it’s nice to just throw something out the window, and it comes back in a nicer shape.’

Under the video is the abstract for the talk.

One good thing leads to another

This lecture will take the form of a loose talk, a conversation of work and references. It will be centered around my diploma work called Chronicles of a disappearance, which I will use as an centre point, or some kind of recurring storyline.

The discussion will gradually open in concentric waves, mentioning
other works that are part of my portfolio and practice as well as some references (visual and theoretical) that I find interesting and that could be useful for students.