Jonas Berthod, Andrew Brash, Kyuha Shim

Identity for the Work in Progress Show, School of Communication, Royal College of Art. With Andrew Brash, Kyuha Shim. This project won an award at ISTD 2014.



Jonas Berthod, Andrew Brash

This is the identity for the Work-In-Progress show held in January 2014 by the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art, including works by students from Animation, Information Experience Design and Visual Communication. The exhibition was designed by Andrew Brash, Jonas Berthod and Kyuha Shim. The team designed a generative identity system which simultaneously completed and in-completed the visual identity of the exhibition. By using random number of lines, speed and direction, the concept of ‘un-expectancy’ revealed itself as the nature of creative process.

The website was co-designed with Jörg Schwertfeger.

Jonas Berthod, Andrew Brash, Jörg Schwertfeger Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 19.36.09