To Be Deployed / From the Inside Out — Annual for the Royal College of Art

This is the annual I designed with Andrew Brash for the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art.

Andrew speaks about it much better than I do, so let me quote him: ‘Taking a cue from the huge diversity of work, spanning every imaginable issue, the art direction used glossy images of forms interpreted as or relating to architecture and interiors – drawing from lifestyle and fashion magazines and pop culture – through visual essays and chapter introductions displaying the immersion of architecture in life and visual culture.’

Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 19 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 13 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 14 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 15 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 16 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 18 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 2 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 3 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 1 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 4 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 5 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 6 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 8 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 9 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 10 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 11 Jonas_Berthod_To_Be_Deployed 12